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[edit] [purge] Documentation

This template uses a redirecting website to mask the HTTP refererWikipedia's W.svg of outgoing links. In other words, it prevents websites from finding out that a certain visit has come from a link on RationalWiki. This is useful in some situations. (At least one crank website has been configured to redirect visits coming from RW to a porn site.)

The actual redirection method may vary with time as destination sites work around changes.


It behaves almost exactly as normal external links:

  • passing only a URL results in a number-in-square brackets: {{unref|http://rationalwiki.org}} results in [2](redirect)
  • a second parameter can be passed for a link description: {{unref|http://rationalwiki.org|RationalWiki}} results in RationalWiki(redirect)
  • the "redirect" label can be removed by adding a third (empty) parameter:
    • {{unref|http://rationalwiki.org|||}} results in [3]
    • {{unref|http://rationalwiki.org|RationalWiki|}} results in RationalWiki
For copy/paste:

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