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Has the list been published? How do people know if they are on it or not?

(((Zack Martin)))04:56, 4 June 2012

If their post gets deleted, they know they're on the list/not on the list.

"Shut up, Brx."04:57, 4 June 2012

It'd be great if I could make a user group that isn't allowed to edit this page, but I realize that's asking way too much.

"Shut up, Brx."05:01, 4 June 2012

You could write a Mediawiki extension or two to do that, i.e. allow people to create/manage their own groups, and pick which groups get read/edit permission in their userspace.

You'd want to introduce the notion of a "Group owner", and allow users to create groups with themselves as owner, and then add/remove members and delete groups they own, but not groups owned by others or groups owned by the system.

Go buy yourself a book on PHP and give it a go. Even if this site never accepts the end product, you could learn a valuable skill.

(((Zack Martin)))05:05, 4 June 2012

Lol, all that so I can hold a conversation on RationalWiki without encountering trolls and blowhards!

Nah, the current system works fine for me, but thanks for the suggestion.

"Shut up, Brx."05:07, 4 June 2012

All that and you might learn something which could turn out useful.

(((Zack Martin)))06:54, 4 June 2012