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-- Nx / talk11:13, 6 January 2011

Not literally. I meant we don't have wiki markup. RTFM! It is not literally "vendor" lock-in either, but same idea. Then again perhaps I will have a word with Yarron about implementing this at Referata/Lumeniki... hmmm copy the Contents to a text editor and add "Thread:" to the beginning, then go to export pages... So once again, Jones, what was briefly yours is now mine. AHHAHA!

~ Lumenos (talk)11:37, 6 January 2011

Then what is this?

-- Nx / talk11:42, 6 January 2011

Hey you put !!!CENSORSHIP!!!1!! in the manual! You trying to lolcow me? Obviously you can get to one post but not the entire dialog or the indentations.

~ Lumenos (talk)11:48, 6 January 2011

Yes you can.

-- Nx / talk11:52, 6 January 2011

With a magic script you mean? Can you link to an edit page with this entire dialog?

~ Lumenos (talk)12:01, 6 January 2011

Well, if you write the script, sure...

-- Nx / talk12:04, 6 January 2011

So I guess we agree? I think my edit of the LQT article was correct. You censor

~ Lumenos (talk)12:45, 6 January 2011

Except who cares that you can't copy conversations. You're not supposed to.

-- Nx / talk12:50, 6 January 2011

The license allows us to copy with attribution. If we aren't supposed to, you should change the license to forbid copying. What are you so scared of?

Secondly, the requirement of scripts to rearrange comments is a security disadvantage. I'm adding these things back to the article.

~ Lumenos (talk)14:00, 6 January 2011

This isn't an issue of copyright. We simply do not want you to copy conversations someplace else and then reply there, because it's annoying and confusing. You are of course, free to copy the text to your wiki (comment by comment if you can't find a better way), the license allows you to do that. But there are other issues beyond copyright as well.

-- Nx / talk14:04, 6 January 2011

If it is something "we" all agree on, then why don't you just make a rule at Community Standards? I follow the rules. This is much like digital rights management.

What about requiring scripts for things we didn't used to need them for? It is not a deal-breaker since drag and drop is not something I'm particularly interested in, but that is a disadvantage IMO.

~ Lumenos (talk)14:17, 6 January 2011

Which part of "it will be done, it's just not available yet" do you not understand?

-- Nx / talk14:19, 6 January 2011

Umm all of it. I don't know what you are saying will be done or where you have said so.

~ Lumenos (talk)14:32, 6 January 2011

It will be possible to move comments without scripts. It's just not done yet.

-- Nx / talk14:36, 6 January 2011