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Eh, fuck this noise

Apparently, I'm striving to make this site like an inverse Conservapedia. So be it, here's my Conservapedia-esque Parthian shot. Any place that prefers to keep User:MarcusCicero over User:SusanG needs its head seriously examined. Lets weigh the options, shall we? On the one hand, we have Susan who was the only one who could be bothered to write site policies and on the other we have MC who, and lets be fair to him, is a complete and utter twat interested only in provoking endless TK-style flame wars.

I'm too personally involved to do it myself, so I'll do the only honourable thing and leave. However, may I suggest that someone institute a rule against insulting other users. MC has the same problem TK has, he simply can't be civil to anyone for more than five minutes at a time. But, whatever, I have work to do and reading whatever drivel he'll write to angry up my blood next isn't helping me do it.