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Hello, welcome to my user page! [Inane drivel.]

Who in the world is AdmiralBangle?[edit]

AdmiralBangle is a presently seventeen year old A level student currently hiding from the GCHQ studying Sociology, English Literature, and Religious Studies, and hoping to continue into further education doing a Politics major. AdmiralBangle aspires to work in government on some level, with the dream job being an MP in the House of Commons. AdmiralBangle likes writing about himself in the third person because he's a self-indulgent anus it tickles him so.

Why is AdmiralBangle on RationalWiki?[edit]

He got bored and thought this place seemed cool. He first found the place reading about everyone's favourite Thunderf00t, and then continued reading and reading until he mustered up enough courage to make an account. He's never used a wiki before. It's his first time - please be gentle.

Does AdmiralBangle have a life?[edit]

Not really. AdmiralBangle prefers to spend most of his time pretending to be productive whilst imagining fictional worlds and characters, or moping about and being all 'philosophical' like any old self-appreciative teenage halfwit. When he's not reading RW he's playing video games, and when he's doing neither of those he's reading or writing, and if he's not doing any of those he's either entered a persistent vegetative state or is sleeping. There is no in-between.