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Hello. Just some idiot with an internet connection. The worst kind, I know.

Hobbies include LEGO, robotics, LEGO robotics, StarCraft II (Protoss player; Fenix main in Co-Op mode), and watching way too much YouTube for my own good.

In the League of Reason forum, I sometimes chime in on discussions. It's pretty quiet over there these days, though. Come to think of it, it's been quiet the whole time I've been there...

I don't have any actual expertise in anything, though I do hope to graduate college with a computer science degree one day. One of my dreams is to realize hard AI, though it's been tempered with awareness that it probably isn't possible, at least within my lifetime. Still, I'd like to try.

Any which way, for the most part, I've just been reading articles around here. Any time I do edit outside of talk pages, I prefer to do small edits; mostly stuff to do with grammar, spelling, or some other weirdness that shows up once in a while and looks out of place. I hope my edits prove valuable, even if they remain small. I used to be a sysop for a Sonic the Hedgehog wiki, though. Inactivity in said wiki caused my rights to lapse years ago, though, and out of disinterest, I haven't bothered to go back to reclaim them, even when I make an edit over there these days.

If you wanna talk with me about something, well, I'm sure you'll know where to reach me. I like to think I'm pretty relaxed. Probably to a fault. Either way, I don't bite, so by all means, ask me any question you like. Within reason, of course.