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This is an off mission, personal supbage demonstrating some of my notable storms, and links to their Wikipedia articles. Andrew5 (talk)

Tornadoes and tornado outbreaks[edit]

  • October 2013 North American Storm ComplexWikipedia - Tornado outbreak and blizzard that occured from October 3 to 7, 2013. A category 3 blizzard, this was the first real "blizzard" in a calendar year (after summer of course), and it claimed 3 lives. It also spawned 22 tornadoes, up to an EF4 tornado. While no one died in the tornadoes, it caused over $4.7 million and injured 18 people. Spawned tornadoes mainly across Nebraska, South Dakota, and Iowa, but went as far east as New Jersey.
  • Hurricane Ida tornado outbreakWikipedia - First ever tornado emergency in the Northeast, killed a person due to an EF2 in Montgomery, PA. Spawned 21 tornadoes from Mississippi to Massachusetts. It caused 10 more injuries. It also spawned the first EF3 tornado in New Jersey since 1990, the strongest of the outbreak.
  • Hurricane Isaias tornado outbreakWikipedia - First (E)F3 in a tornado since 2005, and it caused 2 deaths and 26 injuries. Over half the injuries and both deaths occured in an EF3 in Winsdor, NC. Also, spawned the longest tracked tornado in Delaware. It went from South Carolina to Connecticut, and the final tornado was the first tropical tornado in Connecticut
  • 1974 Super OutbreakWikipedia - What's there to say? 319 deaths, thousands of injuries, seven F5 tornadoes? 148 tornadoes in 18 hours!
  • 2011 Super OutbreakWikipedia - More extreme. 324 deaths, thousands of injuries, and 360 tornadoes from April 25 to 28, mainly on the 27th. Also spawned many EF5s.
  • 2013 Moore tornadoWikipedia - Most recent EF5, caused $2 billion, killed 24 and caused 212 injuries, on May 20, 2013.
  • 2013 El Reno tornadoWikipedia - Why isn't this an EF5? 296mph winds, 8 deaths, 151 injuries, $40 million! Still an EF3, but...
  • 2007 Elie, Manitoba tornadoWikipedia - Powerful F5 in Canada, no casualties but northernmost F5/EF5 tornado, and caused nearly $40 million in damages.
  • 2011 New England tornado outbreakWikipedia Killed 3, injured 200, caused $227 million. Spawned a destructive EF3 in Springfield and spawned 5 others in Massachusetts and Maine.
  • Tornado outbreak of October 20–22, 2019Wikipedia - Massive EF3 in Dallas caused $1.5 billion but thankfully no deaths.
  • 1998 Kissimmee tornado outbreakWikipedia - Deadliest outbreak in Floridian history. 12 tornadoes, mostly in Florida but also in Alabama and Georgia in the form of EF0s causing minimal damage, the entire outbreak clocks out to at least $107 million. 42 died, and 260 were injured. The most notable F3 caused 25 deaths, struck Intercession City, becoming not only the deadliest tornado in Florida, but also the deadliest non-violent tornado. That tornado caused $55 million as well. Other significant and fatal tornadoes include an F3 in Sanford, and F3 in Wintr Garden and an F2 in Daytona Beach and it's speedway, on February 22-23, 1998.
  • 2007 Groundhog Day tornado outbreakWikipedia - The first EF tornadoes touched down in a deadly outbreak on February 2, 2007. 2nd deadliest Floridian outbreak behind the one above, it caused $218 million, caused 21 deaths and 76 injuries. Two EF3's caused all the damage. An EF3 in Willwood saw 8 deaths and 25 injuries. A stronger EF3 in Parisley caused 13 deaths and 51 injuries, and struck within half an hour. Two other weak tornadoes caused little damage.
  • 2010 Brooklyn/Queens tornadoesWikipedia - On September 16, 2010, a tornado outbreak went from Ohio to Queens. An EF3 caused a death in Reedsville, OH causing 16 injuries. Another fatal EF1 killed a man on the Grand Central Parkway, causing another injury and indirect death, all in Flushing. In Kings Park, Brooklyn, an EF0 touched down. Overall it caused 2 deaths, as well as a non tornadic one, and caused 25 injuries, as the Ohio outbreak was also significant. In all, 14 tornadoes touched down.
  • 1985 United States–Canada tornado outbreakWikipedia - On May 31, 1985, 90 die, 875 are injured and over $1.27 billion is caused in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Ontario by 44 tornadoes. An F5 in Niles, OH and Wheatland, PA, the only F5 in Pennsylvania history, causes 18 deaths and 310 injuries. Most severe outbreak in Pennsylvania, claiming 65 lives. Two F4's in Ontario claim 14 lives, and 11 lives are lost in Ohio.
  • 2008 Super Tuesday tornado outbreakWikipedia - Catastrophic outbreak on February 5-6, 2008 becomes largest in February on record. 87 tornadoes going up to EF4 claim 57 lives. It also causes $1.2 billion. An EF2 struck Southaven, MS and Memphis, missing downtown, claiming 3 lives and causing $120 million. The deadliest tornado, an EF3, caused 22 deaths and $28 million in Lafayette, TN and Tompkinsville, KY. It also caused a significant blizzard and was the worst outbreak until the 2011 Super Outbreak.
  • Tornado outbreak of March 2–3, 2020Wikipedia - 25 people die and $1.6 billion in only 15 tornadoes in a small outbreak. An EF3 causes 5 deaths and $1.5 billion in downtown Nashville, and an EF4 in Putnam County and Cookeville cause 19 deaths and $100 million. Another fatality occured in an EF2 near Waverly.
  • Tornado outbreak of a December 10-11, 2021Wikipedia - A tornado outbreak in December spawning the 9th largest tracked tornado in history and killing 90 people? That exists now?


  • December 2021 Midwest derecho and tornado outbreakWikipedia - What has December 2021 come to? On December 15, this derecho spawned 118 tornadoes, had 55 hurricane force gusts, killing 7 in total, causing $1.8 billion and seeing Minnesota's first (20) December tornado.