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  • Flip a coin to see who goes first.
  • Use something for damage counters.
  • Each player during their turn does, in order:
    • Draws one card
    • Plays one creature card, if they wish
    • Plays one artifact card, if they wish
    • Plays one enchantment card, if they wish
    • Attack:
      • You must attack once per turn, and may attack once using each card you have.
      • When attacking, follow the instructions on the card.
      • If a card or ability costs mana, then you must pay the amount of mana required.
      • Subtract damage done from health (the number on the right of the slash).
    • Add the power level (number on the left of the slash) to the health, do this for each creature.
    • If you destroyed a creature, collect one mana of your choice if it had 20 or less health points, two mana of your choice if it had 21-40 health points, etc.

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