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Myself, after finding out that I was blocked from Conservapedia for trying to fix their paleontology article. Yeah, I look real pissed. Oh well, I got over it.

Hi there!

I'm a ditch digger..... glorified ditch digger
— Jack Horner


Well, where to start. I guess I should start with my username. It refers to a new dinosaur species that was described in 2009. It's a cool one; I like it. Anyway, I love dinosaurs, vertebrate paleontology, and fossils.

I am also a sysop, so feel free to ask for help if you need it, although there are those wiser than me who could probably help you with non-scientific stuff.


I live in NY, though I absolutely hate it and want to move to AZ.

Personally, everyone I know knows, but you may not know that I am an anarcho-communist. No government. No oppression.

While I am not yet, I do aspire to become a vertebrate paleontologist, and I do have an extensive knowledge of shark evolution, something that creationists vehemently disagree with, despite their being an overwhelming mountain of evidence.

If anyone has questions regarding paleontology (so long as it isn't inverts ;)), please leave messages on my talkpage.

While I'm at it. Might as well mention that I started the Fossil Wiki, a wiki dedicated to the scientific perspective of fossils and paleontology. Hopefully someone sees this and decides to help out!