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--Beyonddeities (talk) 09:56, 27 March 2010 (UTC)Beyonddeities

is a unique breed of Unicorn that spends its time prancing about the innerwebzz and spreading glitter which naturally sparkles off its luminous fur coat.


When encountered by tr0llz it will unleash a neigh that results in natural disasters akin to the Apocalypse. It will then eat the tr0ll and give birth to mini Patrick Batemans. Beyonddeities also possesses a Special Sense that alerts its horn when Bullshit is present within its vicinity. Using Liberal Brain Controlz it will activate the mini Patrick Batemans into exterminating the source of Bullshit.

Understanding Beyonddeities: Teh Unicorn:

Beyonddeities enjoys ramen and anime, and will be happeh when shown comedy routines belonging to magical/lulzy folk by the names of George Carlin, Bill Hicks or Louis C.K. Beyonddeities thinks Brian Kinney is The Man and is an equal-opportunist unicorn. Beyonddeities the Unicorn will only gives rides to kiddies that offer it equality cookies.

Beyonddeities generally wants other unicorns to coexist in a somewhat content faerieland and will do this by promoting happytiemz and responsibility to oneself. Beyonddeities wants you to know that independent thought and opinion exists beyond the realms of the worldview you have been raised to adopt.