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BlueSprite is a complete son of a bitch. He is a theist, a freelancer, an uncompromising believer in political freedom, and a lover of free, open, spirited and rational debate.

He may or may not also use too many damn commas.

At present, it is my intention to challenge many liberal points of view on this site that I disagree with. I think this site will benefit from reasonably well argued conservative points of view, because I think there is more to conservative viewpoints than is generally given credit by members of this site, or that is done justice by idiots like those at conservapedia.

In general, I will not defend theistic arguments, except to defend theism in general.

Name-calling and slogans do not impress me. You are free to use them if you wish, and I could not stop you in any case, but I will consider them at all times and everywhere non-arguments that do nothing to enhance RationalWiki's reputation for rationality.

BlueSprite 19:39, 2 December 2008 (EST)