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I'm a troll but I'm a useful troll! I troll on block the trolls just for the trollish lulz!

I'm not your average WikiCunt that hates sockpuppets or vandals. I know what it is like to be a troll. I am useful however. Face it Wiki sites including this one are anti teen. They especially can't stand slutty teen girls or cheerleaders like myself. They don't understand that "Brianna can be useful." In fact, my friends and I have been responsible for astonishing contributions to many Wikis including Wikipedia and Conservipedia. But they can't give credit where it is due. I know what I do here will not be admired but I do it anyway because I guess a user here kind of charmed one of my friends enough to make it seem unhuman for me to cause him troubles. So don't expect me to work for you. I work for me. I only work for me. Actually I work for my friends and me. And you are not my friend. If the truth gets me BaNNeD then so be it.
I'm not an atheist but I'm not a Bible thumper either. I damn sure not a Catholic, Muslim, or Jew. My friends and I have observed something about wikis, they all hate each other. It's like football teams that all have similar missions and interests and could probably get along well but choose not. We are cheerleaders and we are a family even though we come from different parts of the state, nation, world, universe, etc. I hate Wikipedia and Conservapedia but for different reasons than you. In fact I hate you too but this is a good medium to make our voice heard. Especially since one of my friends just HAD to spill our guts here anyway.

Mei is useful