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Pro Life Arguments

Pro Choice Arguments

Foetus = Human

Some pro-life supporters say that a fetus is a human, and that artificial abortion is equivalent to killing a child. Along these same lines, many anti-abortion groups also oppose birth control and embryonic stem cell research.

By this logic you are guilty of murder every time you do not have sex or have sex with contraceptives.
Even worse, some doctors estimate that as many as two thirds of fertilized egg-cells don't manage to implant in the uterus, and thus could be considered miscarriages.

Every month a mature woman produces a potential human fetus. Various things have to follow the production of the egg - but it has the potential to become human. If we follow this argument to its conclusion would we not have to say that every time a woman does not have sex when she is in her fertile period she is guilty of murder? As for men - well every time we errrr .... shall we say ... have non-coital sex, how many "potential human lives" are lost? Can we really all be mass-murderers? On the other hand perhaps the Christian thing to do would be to constantly bonk each other all the time? I suppose I could live with that.

Breast Cancer Link

Some people claim that there is a link between abortion and breast cancer.

There simply is no link. See this article, by a real doctor (!).

"Culture of Life"

Most pro-life arguments rest on the idea that a fetus is a full human being from conception, and that a fetus shares the same rights as any other human being. This argument is often linked to other "respect-for-life" issues (examples needed).

Advocates of pro-choice generally believe that a human beings body is inviolable, and the state should not regulate it. Specifically, women should never be forced to be "incubators" for a fetus.