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Welcome to this user Page, you smelly Bourgeoisie[edit]

No stinking pigs boi[edit]

If you don't understand Dialectical Materialism, then ya can't dance on this page, so buzz off. Also no centrists as well, cause they suck and do nothing to improve the working man. The sad thing is that most people who refer themselves as on the "left" on this website support Sanders, a man who supports drone terrorism, and has been shockingly soft on the people who pushed him out of the Democratic voting process.

Stalin was low tier compared to Mao, Cause Mao did stuff that WORKED. (see his works, Theory and Practice, for a good example of how impressive his knowledge was) Lenin is best, through we can still do better.

I mainly lurk in the Communist/Socialist pages here. It's kinda my thing. Mao slaughtered over 60 million of his own people. He was a crazed mass murderer who didn’t care about human life!”

“Most statistics of death tolls in communist China are greatly inflated by western scholars in an effort to draw attention from the great gains made in life expectancy, economic power, literacy, and, funnily enough, total population gains and an end to older cycles of famine due to agrarian reform. While there were excesses and failures in communist China, that is to be expected: the nation, which until the revolution had been a sitting duck, carved up by imperial powers, was attempting to rapidly industrialize. Should the people have instead not attempted to defend their country? How many were slaughtered in imperial wars? Mao had wide support from hundreds of millions of people who understood that communism was and is a necessity for the masses. Instead of taking inflated statistics as gospel and repeating orientalist tropes of irrational chinamen, we should make balanced criticisms of a world historical revolution. Or would you rather China have suffered another century of humiliation?”- dat one dude I can't remember, 1968.

Lacan is god of the big fancy words and you can't keep up with the linguistic king because he is in a box

Lacan is hard to understand? Shut up, here is some terms in easy language so even a AMERICAN could understand-

Da Three Forms of Lacan's Thought
The Real is reality not under a subjective view- we are unable to see this reality, as the Symbolic gets in the way.
The Imaginary is the conscious and subconscious and functions as the basis for the next part.
The Symbolic is us being egotistical about the world and making fancy systems of thought for like, stones. It also appears as the very essence and procreator of structured systems of society.
Quotes and other ideas from Big Sexy himself "Desire is simply the desire of the other"- At first, this sounds kind of dumb- my desire is not the same as that one 70 year old dude down by the street. First off- other means not Another person, like some think- this is simply not true. What this idea means is that the human achieves its desire through other subjects. But, not through people, but through dialect. We desire things when others start to desire for them, we, in a attempt to remain a high status of personal being, desire what others want- Fashion appears as a example. Our personal desires and needs become confused and decenter from yourself, as a person, and become this demand for recognition from others in society.

Git gud at Lacan, son