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biography babe[edit]

would lose 2 u in a fight, would fight u anyway, is grammatically correct in official posts only, is cuter than u and a chick, ready to throw down some of that well sourced intellectual shit

anyway time for my actual biography

my name is alice, ive been around for a while mostly lurking, since 2012 actually. im almost exclusively active in debate forums cause i have very strong opinions that are absolutely right and you can meet me in the intellectual thunderdome of semirational shitslinging if you take issue with it

as far as policies go: im so far left of the standard american political center that i effectively tripped over Das Kapital when i was running away from the capitalists, i think ive got a pretty strong defiant streak but maybe im just a naive child with no knowledge on how the world really works idk

im pretty sure im agnostic? i do like the idea of a higher meaning but also? no proof? im at a loss. id probably lean towards some sort of spiritual animism if i could commit myself to a belief system

im pretty open about being transgender, and ive pretty sure if you have a problem with that, youre an asslamp. times are a changing and you can either stay hip to the happening or die with the old era of thinking.

im still pretty young by all measurements, hell, by all measurements, so you know, theres that (adulthood is terrifying babe)

what im here to do[edit]

fix small grammatical errors mostly, and read articles, im not all that productive