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User:Christian Weston Chandler

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Stats of Da Big Man[edit]

-Name: Christian Weston Chandler

-Date of Birth: February 24, 1982.

-Birthname: Christopher Weston Chandler

-Spanish Nickname: Ricardo (Received the Nickname when I took my Two Spanish Classes at Manchester High; I have NO Spanish Blood.).

-Blood Type: A-Negative (or A Straight).

-Parts Cherokee, English, British, French.

-Hometown: Ruckersville, Virginia.

-Born in: Martha Jefferson Hospital, Charlottesville, Virginia.

-Went to:

-Greene County Primary School of Greene County, VA (Kindergarten to 3rd Grade)

-Nathaniel Green Elementary School of Greene County, VA (4th Grade)

-Home Schooled (5th Grade)

-Providence Middle School of Chesterfield County, VA (6th to 8th Grade), Earned Honor Roll Grades

-Manchester High School of Chesterfield County, VA (9th to 12th Grade), Earned Honor Roll Grades; Earned the High School Diploma

-Piedmont Virginia Community College of Charlottesville, VA (August, 2000 to June, 2004, then from September, 2005 to June, 2006), Earned a Spot on The Dean's List from Good Grades; Earned a Computer Aided Drafting and Design Degree and Certificate.

-The Original Creator of Sonichu, Rosechu and the City of Cwcville, Virginia.