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Hi. I'm Chromanebula, but you can just call me Chroma for short. It's the screen name I go by pretty much everywhere on the Web.

I realize my views are in the minority by RationalWiki standards. I'm a moderate who leans left on some issues, right on others. I detest crankery in all its forms--conservative or liberal. I also think we shouldn't try to shut it down, though, because most of it's protected speech. Besides, the best way to take down the crackpots is to let them make fools of themselves.

I love RationalWiki precisely because it's open and loving. While most of the users do lean left, moderate and conservative users aren't auto-banned the way moderates and liberals are on Conservapedia. I think it's important to have dialogue between different points of view so the rational one can win out. In other words, the truth will eventually win out as long as the marketplace of ideas is open.

Causes I'm passionate about include protection of life (and I do mean ALL human life), freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, justice and equality before the law, protection of the common man and responsible government of, by and for the people. I hate both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Although I hate them both for different reasons, neither one of them has the traits or attitudes of a good leader.

I have several essays on what I feel needs to be done to fix America and the world. Read them here: