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Hi, my name is Conservabuddy.

My name derives from a recurring vandal on the wiki Bulbapedia (which is an independent Pokémon encyclopedia in English) named Bulbabuddy. I am a member of Bulbapedia (and a good one too) but I will not reveal my username there. However, if anyone can figure it out, I will give this hint: The first userbox that I have is the one that reads "This user is liberal" because I am a liberal and always will be. My family is liberal, my friends are liberal (except for one, however he is not an idiot like the yahoos on CP), and I am proud to be a liberal.

A couple of months ago (in January 2009), I vandalized Conservapedia by continually clicking the "Random Page" link in the toolbox and replacing the page with "your face." I was surprised that I had managed to get 60 edits of that nature in before I was blocked until January 16, 2014 for "moronic vandalism" by DeanS. I'm hoping that he already got blocked by Schlafy, as I know of his periodic blocking of and impulsive replacement of administrators on his quote "wiki."

Today, I wanted to create another account and pretend to be an ultra-conservative homophobic mentally deficient orangutan instead of just aimlessly vandalizing, however I found that the "Create account" link was disabled. I tried using some proxies also, however it was also disabled. I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Schlafy has decided to abandon his hopes of receiving new users, blocking off access to his "wiki" to the majority of the population, some of which are conservative, and probably would agree with his irrational views. So, just like Governor Palin resigning governorship of Alaska, Mr. Schlafy is choosing not to make use of his chance.

Another point I would like to make about Conservapedia is that even some conservatives do not agree with it. This proves how narrow-minded this "wiki" is. I talked to one of my conservative friends, and he was against the "wiki" because it "Makes conservatives look like total idiots." I would agree if I were in his situation. If there were a site like Conservapedia run by ultra-liberals instead, and they made such idiotic accusations, and had such ridiculous sources as "," then I would have the same grievance.

And to you DeanS: As you can see by this page, I am capable of thinking like a normal human being, and in fact, I have received straight-A's for three years at my school, considered to be one of the best in the district. I was one of only ten students to receive straight-A's all three years. 1200 students attend that school. Therefore, I do not appreciate being called a "moron" just because I happen to enjoy having a little bit of fun. I am not a moron, and I hope to stay that way by never taking Conservapedia's so-called "facts" seriously. --Conservabuddy (talk) 20:58, 7 August 2009 (UTC)