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R   E   T   I   R   E   D
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(I am coming back, just on a long break) Hi there, I am Delibirda, you can call me Deli or Olivia.(In case you cant spell my name:D-e-l-i-b-i-r-d-a.) I’m a geek girl who is into toys, monsters, comics, Pokémon and Transformers. I have ADHD and am 15% english, the rest norwegian. She/her. Don't call me they cuz I get misgendered way too many times in the real world and I feel I don't get validated when people call me they.

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Stuff I like[edit]

Eurovision Song Contest[edit]

I love music so why not love what celebrates it?


I am talking about birds too. I reckon they are fascinating and pretty animals. I like dromeosaurs, corvids, gulls and galliformes.


I just reckon their intelligence and camoflage abilities are facinating. Not a fan of hentai though.


Yes, I like G98 (a little) and the anime trilogy. They are both overhated. I like King Kong too.


I like Oggy et le Cafards for instance. Really big fan of Xilam.


I have a lot of Donald Pocket, and I like Pondus and Rutetid too. Rocky stinks like a Giraffiatitan fart.

The queer community[edit]

I am gay AF and we have the best jokes. (And peeps.) I am especially for trans rights and recognition of parts of the acronym that are not given much attention. Also I hate it when cishet people belive they can wear rainbow flags and call themselves allies.