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Who am I?[edit]

I'm just your run of the mill Sociology Ph.D. student finishing his degree at a department somewhere in the United States. I am a blogger and frequently discuss science, religion, computer games, and pretty much whatever else I may feel like. I'm married, have no children, and am an atheist.

Blogs I write for[edit]

I primarily blog at Total Drek, which has been around for about four years and is my main blogging home. It covers mostly whatever strikes my fancy including religion, science, and politics. I also include some humor now and then.

I have co-blogged at Marginal Utility, a group blog run primarily by economists, for a while but am not very active. My posts there are generally more data-based and professional. As a consequence, they're also less fun.

Finally, I recently joined up at Scatterplot, a sociology group blog. There, as well, I labor for at least a minimum of professionalism.


I'm an avid Conservapedia watcher and have written more posts on it than I care to think about. You can see a selection of them here, although I started using tags long after I started watching Conservapedia. Early on I tried to edit the atheism page but... well... yeah. More recently I basically wrote the article on correlation because the existing one was too horrible for words. So I have that to answer for. In addition to following the Lenski saga, I generally have an interest in evolution and in vaccines. Both of these lead me into conflict with Conservapedia, but only the latter led me to "do the nasty."

Oh, and once I managed to lure Andy out of the Bat-Cave. The experience was... enlightening.

Activity on RationalWiki[edit]

None, really. But hey, who knows?