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For four months I was an editor at CP, until I was blocked for telling a sysop 'your opinion sucks'. The sysop? JessicaT. What was their opinion on? Manga. The blocker? Ed Poor. The time? Infinite.
It seems that Ed failed to notice the ':P' after my above statement, which was meant to identify the whole thing as a joke.

An hour or so later I received the following e-mail:

Hi - I have written to Ed and asked him to reconsider his block of you. I hope he will relent.



Some friendly e-mails (concerning manga) were then exchanged between us. On Sunday night, however,I received an e-mail from Jessica informing me that it had been decided by someone there that I would not be unblocked.

In fairness to Jessica, it seems that she did all she could to have me unblocked; for example, she tried to get me unblocked of her own accord; I didn't have to ask (and I had resolved not to ask, deciding that a system which couldn't unblock me for the above 'offence' by itself was not worth my time).

And so, here I am :D .