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Facts are facts no matter what people think. Facts are things that look like a conspiracy to people who are wrong. If you thoroughly believe that 1 + banana = flashlight it looks like all the text books are against you, people don't believe in your "truth," and everyone you tries to convince of this thinks that you are wrong as well. The person who claims it in spite of all the evidence to the contrary looks insane to the rest of the world. They feel the world is against them, and even paid to be because...well, why else would they just not see the "truth?"

At the end of the day they are just wrong. It takes a degree of humility and introspection to know you aren't perfect. Some people refuse to have it though.

What's always the worst, and usually the first, option when people are this badly wrong is to cry how everyone is being mean to them for showing them what's right. Not the best option to do at first but if one repeatedly it's roundly deserved. Sorry, if you hold a stupid opinion that has been debunked repeatedly which has no evidence to support it then that doesn't make you anything flattering. Liars lie, thief's steal, and stupid people hold/extol stupid things. If you don't wish that label the best course of action is not to do it instead of whining at others for being mean.

I know I do my best impression of not being a murderer by not doing it...instead of doing it and complaining about people calling me that are mean to me. This seems like common fucking sense.