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Please pay no more attention to me (or my opinions) than necessary. I'm just a former teacher and (I'm so sorry I have to say this, what with all of the Randroids and broscientists associated with the breed) software "engineer" (that's what the cool kids call being a developer at any level above code monkey these days) who has Parkinson's disease, and thus too much time on his shaky hands. It is allowed, though, to look for signs of dementia in anything I may write here, and I encourage you to do so — it is, unfortunately, part and parcel of having my condition. I'm going to try to keep my contributions to the talk pages, since I can't really trust myself (and the times when I'm surest of things are, perhaps, the times when I should stay away from the internet). I do hope that somebody reads those occasionally (besides myself, that is) and may at least consider my contributions in their edits.