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The attitude here is occasionally not conductive to cooperation or civil discussion, but admittedly sometimes that's unlikely to happen anyway.

And at least it's fun.

Comprehensive List of my Edits to Conservapedia and the Intentions of Each Edit[edit]

All of my edits to CP have been in good faith:

  • Formatting:
Canada, Canada, Operation Eagle Claw, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Talk:Examples of Bias in Wikipedia,Talk:Operation Eagle Claw, User talk:Feebasfactor, Evolutionary psychology
  • Adding/formatting references:
Canada, School, Henry J. Kaiser, Sanctity of Life, Talk:School,School, School, New York Times, Community Psychology
  • Suggestions as to proper sourcing and clarity:
Talk:Examples of Bias in Wikipedia, Talk:Operation Eagle Claw, School, School, Talk:Deceit, Talk:Examples of Bias in Wikipedia, User talk:Conservative, Talk:Henry J. Kaiser, Talk:Origin of Life, Talk:Atheism
  • Miscellaneous rewording/expansion:
The Matrix, Canada, Naruto, Godzilla, Godzilla, Pokémon, Pokémon, Pokémon, Linkin Park, Methodological Naturalism, Sanctity of Life, New Yorker, Talk:New York Times, Rat, Sanctity of life, Abnormal Psychology, Rat, Affective Psychology, Affective Psychology, Sleep
  • Redirects/merges:
Talk:Liberal, Sanctity of life, Talk:Sanctity of life,Sanctity of life, Sanctity of Life, Sanctity of life, Abnormal psychology, Abnormal psychology, Abnormal psychology, User talk:Jenkins, User talk:Jenkins, Stalinism
  • "Atheism" - I have already explained my intentions in regards to this matter:
Talk:Atheism, User talk:Jenkins, User talk:Jenkins, Talk:Atheism, Talk:Atheism, Atheism, Atheism, Talk:Atheism, Talk:Atheism, Talk:Atheism, Talk:Atheism, Talk:Atheism, Talk:Atheism, Talk:Atheism, User talk:Conservative
  • Apologizing:
Talk:Examples of Bias in Wikipedia, User talk:TK, Talk:School, User talk:Feebasfactor, User talk:Feebasfactor, User talk:Feebasfactor, User:Feebasfactor
  • Reverting vandalism:
  • Miscellaneous Talk:
Talk:Main Page, Talk:Main Page, Talk:Uncyclopedia, User talk:Feebasfactor

Of course, like anything quantified, this list is "contestable"; I have little doubt that for each and every one of these points, it can probably be "argued", one way or another, that my intentions were somehow malicious. Personally, I think that I would know better than anyone else what my intentions were when I made these edits. But here are my edits and here are the reasons, and I know they were made in good faith... if you choose to see something more, then I guess you can't really be persuaded otherwise.