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Apparently I own Ameriwiki. Lucky me.

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On 10 October 2012 I informed Ken that I accept one of his endless debate challenges, by posting a comment on his idiot blog. As I have no doubt he'll memory-hole it rather than actually reveal his cowardice I reproduce the comment here:

"Evolution is a religion. Michael Ruse, an atheist and evolutionist science philosopher admitted, “Evolution is a religion."

So what? Everyone else, including all those who (unlike Michael Ruse) have degrees in biology, disagrees with him.

The truth of issues is not decided by quotes, Ken. They are decided by facts. Evolutionary theory is a scientific theory, not a religion. It has none of the characteristics of religion; it has no gods, no dogmas, no rituals, no moral laws or rules of behaviour. It's just a fact-based explanation of one aspect of nature.

I'm perfectly willing to debate you on the 15 questions, because they are trivially easy to answer. I'll even do it in Shock's chatroom if you insist, on condition that his "moderators," especially the appalling Nephilimfree and VivaYashua, aren't allowed to intervene on either side of the debate. Seeing as Shock and Viva are such good friends of yours I'll let you make the arrangements.

Bet you don't have the machismo to publish this comment. Never mind; if it doesn't appear here it will appear, with commentary, somewhere else.

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