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My Jewish Socks (jk)[edit]

List of Socks at RationalWiki

Socks of mine include User:Jellyfish![1] User:DeanS User:College Republican User:Deborah

I have 23 pairs of socks at rationalwiki


This user is descended of a monkey and so are you, by the way would you like a banana

I am a foxy, frum (practicing) Jew, I was an atheist in the past. I am a baal teshuva (a Jew who used to be secular, who became religious). I have read parts of the Talmud, Rashi's commentary on Genesis, Maimonides, Midrash, and most of the Tanakh (Old Testament). I am shomer shabbat and shomer kashrut (I keep kosher and shabbat). I am not conservative! My political views are very liberal (except I am very pro-Israel). What convinces me to be religious is several factors ask me if you want to know.

DLerner, Linus I are part of the evil Jewish conspiracy to take over Conservapedia, Liberapedia, Rational Wiki, Rational Wiki Wiki, Metapedia, Anarchopedia, and turn them into zombies for the zionist media.

I am moderate on the issue of Abortion.

I do not like Miley Cyrus.

Although I am interested in Genghis Khan, Albert Einstein, Moses, and Jesus.