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Ancient History[edit]

I discovered Wikipedia ages ago while looking for information on Germanium, I figured it was a cute little fringe encyclopedia site - then went looking for Encyclopedia Britannica's site. Of course, now it's the bedrock of my understanding of many things.

Many years later I found Conservapedia, read some of it, found the usual inaccuracies/generalizations/historical distortions, attempted the usual "wait a minute" in the talk page, and received the usual TK banhammer blow (which blew because I was in the middle of what passes for debate on CP.) I haven't stopped lurking, though - the material is too hilarious to pass up. Watching the Sysop hegemony's power struggles is entertainment in and of itself. It was infuriating, however, to not really be able to expose or share the blatant anti-fact, anti-science tirade that plays itself out every day without fail.

Then I found RationalWiki. It was akin to tossing in my sleep for hours before finally waking up and realizing no, I didn't kill the neighbor's cat and betray the Earth to alien invaders, it was all a dream and sanity is just around the corner. I must say, some of the revelations I've found here go beyond what I would have ever believed was possible - namely, TK's rampant copy-pasting and Aschlafly's insistence on having the last word (closet liberal?) I can't wait to see how Conservapedia turns out in the long run - mostly I want to see a widespread sysop revolt involving TK foaming at the mouth. Until then, I believe I've found a pretty sweet home base.

Also someday I hope my bio is longer than my tower of userboxes.