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I don't think there is much to tell. I am Hilavitkutin, or "Gadget" as the word means, and I hail from the glorious People's Republic of Finland. An Atheist since day one and quite a bookworm, I am currently waiting for university entrance exams in June (or July) where I will attempt to get in to study to become a Biologist (Microbiologist, to be precise, though Virology works as well).


I was born into a poor household ravaged by depression that wrecked our economy after the collapse of the Soviet Union, though thanks to the Commie Scum free education in Finland I was able to get educated anyway. I was conscripted to the Finnish Defense Forces in July 2010, though I would have volunteered anyway. I served a year as a tank gunner in the Combat Vehicle 9030FIN infantry fighting vehicle (in this particular tank, pic taken in December 2010). Service ended July 8th 2011 with perfect service record (maximum points in all evaluated fields).

Nowadays I work when I go the time and study the rest. University will require lots of work. Speaking of which I was initially going to be a historian and would pass any exam if I just wanted to, but I decided to become a biologist since I want a job that actually makes a difference in the world.


..was the thing that lead me to RationalWiki, as it has led so many others. My first visit to Conservapedia lasted fifteen minutes and earned me a 5 year ban, but of course a simple IP reroute would gain me new access. But I don't bother - wandalizing the place is not exactly a constructive hobby.


I have read this wiki extensively, but as you might see I'm not very experienced with Wikis. English being my second language also means that there may be occasional grammatical mistakes, mostly in capital letters.

Suffice to say that I have learned more of US politics in RationalWiki than I have learned anywhere else.

I'll start off slow but I hope to become an active editor here.