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"There's only one rule that I know of, babies ... you've got to be kind." -Kurt Vonnegut
As a user with blocking privileges, I'm willing to listen to users who think they've been unfairly blocked.

I can be reached at

I am IDuan of CP:Arlington, Virginia - a CP:suburb right next to the CP:District of Columbia.


I joined Conservapedia in late April 2007 and started seriously editing in August.

What I'm Currently Working on

I recently finished my project to create a page on every Supreme Court justice in American history (that we did not have a page on, as well as placing my officeholder template on all those that we did).

Full list of works


Highlights of work


A few of the many articles I've really worked on (see all of them at CP:User:Iduan/Works) are CP:Frank Murphy, CP:Nelson Mandela, CP:Barack Hussein Obama, CP:Marquis de Lafayette, CP:Majoritarianism, CP:Waves, CP:Eddystone Lighthouse, CP:XYZ Affair, CP:Congressional Page, CP:Stephen Johnson Field and CP:HTML table formatting. I've also done many universities, including UMD, Boston, Arizona, UNC, UConn, Penn St., Johns Hopkins, Howard and NIU. Beyond that I like to spread my edits around and vary them.

I put a lot of work into CP:Nigeria#Structure - where I described the structure of the executive, judiciary and legislature. The judiciary is probably the most detailed part I have, simply because I'm most interested in judicial aspects. Ditto with CP:John Jay#The Jay Court.


I have created a few templates, the ones I'm most proud of are: CP:Template:Template, Baseball, CP:Template:USState, CP:Template:NBA, CP:Template:NFLDraft, CP:Template:Officeholder (and a bunch of sub-pages for that), CP:Template:Supreme Court (and every subpage from the Jay to Roberts Courts), CP:Template:MLBTeam (which I've added to every MLB team) and CP:Template:University (which I have put on about 131 articles so far). Some templates that I did not create but I did do a lot of work on are CP:Template:Country and CP:Template:Taxonomy.


I don't work much in this area, but I did help CP:User:TK clean out CP::Category:Navigation box (which was full because of missing <noinclude> tags on templates - this took a while to find everything, and I also worked a lot on cleaning up CP::Category:Information technology - it's now much cleaner because there are specific categories and pages are better organized.

My editing style/preferences

Basic page format:

==Notes== (if there are references not used with <ref> tags
==See also==
==External links==

The above is the same as the format in the CP:Conservapedia:Manual of Style, and it makes the most sense. References are most pertinent to the article text itself, so they go first; see also links are internal, so they go second, and external links go last.

As far as minor edits go: I do not use CP:French spacing, and I usually remove it where I see it (the wiki software renders it as one space anyway, so it's just an extra character); I also remove CP:serial commas.

References always go outside grammar marks (CP:punctuation).

Punctuation does not always go inside quotation marks. For example, periods. If the text enclosed within the quotation marks is a full sentence - the period goes inside the quotation marks. "John said, 'My name is John.'" If not, then the period goes outside: "John said that he was '17 going on 18'."

Images, unless they are within templates/tables, should always go in thumbs - they should not stand alone.

Large blocks of text should usually be split up by sections - no one wants to read what looks like 2 paragraphs with 50 sentences. Wiki sections allow emphasis to be added and they allow clear organization.

My Computing World

I'm a pretty big fan of CP:Mac OSX Leopard, but before it came out I was definitely an XP guy. I think that Spotlight just puts Macs miles ahead of PCs. I use Safari, CP:XCode (for python) and Smultron (for CP:html).