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Much to learn, you still have. - Yoda

Hey everyone with more than 2 brain cells. My name is Dew, born in Namibia but I live in South Africa for the last 16 years of my 20 year old life. Where I currently live I'm always perceived as an odd one. I may look Caucasian to some but I self identify myself (plus people that know me) as Coloured, a mixed-race ethnic group native to southern Africa (kinda like the Creole in the Americas). Also I'm Buddhist, the only one in my 100 square kilometre radius. I love a lot of nerd stuff, but I don't actually fit the stereotype. I listen to hip hop, big fan of Travis Scott, but in the Comic Question I am a huge Marvel fan. I live in a small town where one has to be a (Protestant) Christian to be considered as human. So my conversion to Buddhism has marked me as a "dead man walking".