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R   E   T   I   R   E   D
This user Don't Hang Around Much Any More.
Now with a 95% chance of actually meaning it!

In order to quit CP I have to quit here. Sorry, there's no other way. (Let the record show that this was written, and adhered to, an entire month before TK blocked me for being, are you ready for this? An "Admin/sysop/member of groups causing harm to CP". HA! Not only does this go against their own criticisms of Wikipedia it's blatantly not true! Got any evidence to back that up TK? No, I doubt it. Got any direct evidence that you (a) are a liar and (b) are trying to take down the site? Because I do. You show me yours and I'll show you mine.)

Wanna know why I quit? Check out this unfinished essay, and this long, rambling, crazy-man style former user page.

Because I'm a masochist, I can still be reached for something really super important (by leaving a message on my talk page; everything else will probably go to spam and it may be months before I see them).

Really super important events:

  • Bugler, TK, Ed, PJR, Rod, or Foxtrot are permabanned by Andy and stripped of their powers
  • Bugler, Rod, TK or Foxtrot go on their inevitible sysopship or wandalspree (whichever comes first)

Not really super important events:

  • "I want a puppy"
  • "Here's a goat"
  • "I'm bored and lonely"
  • "I'm and evil person and want to bring you to the dark side"
  • "Will you unblock me pretty please with a cherry on top?" *cough* Ames *cough*

So long, it's been... something. JazzMan 01:50, 14 December 2008 (EST)

Update: May 15, 2010[edit]

So out of nostalgia and curiosity I went through my old user contribs at CP. It's amazing how little has changed. And I'm not talking "conservatives will be conservatives", I mean there are literally still pages where I was the last editor of the page.

It was a good reminder at how sneaky, and yet at the same time very blatant, TK was/is/ever shall be. I'd point out specifics, but you know the page will get memory holed.

I also found some pretty funny and subtle vandalism. Ironically, it's something I definitely would have caught and reverted had I not been banned; it was put there only a few days after I left, and has been there ever since.

Hrm, maybe at this rate I'll come back when my ban is listed. I am sort of addicted to wiki editing.