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User:JeevesMkII/Dear gentletwat at another website

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Dear Gentletwat.

Get it straight. Your articles aren't ranked on Google where they are because people like them and are reading them for informational purposes. They're linking to your articles for the purposes of mocking them. Allow me to illustrate. Links from Conservapedia excluded because linking to yourself isn't terribly impressive. Links from rationalwiki excluded because you know we all think you're a dickhead. Listed in the order of their rankings.

People linking to Conservapedia's evolution article as "Theory of evolution"[edit]

As discovered using this search.


  1. 池田信夫 blog
  2. Wikipedia vs. Conservapedia - APCMag
  3. Robin Johnson's Blog
  4. Conservapedia: as accurate as a catatonic drunkard’s line of urine - (Great title, gotta love those aussies.)
  5. atheists network forums



People linking to Conservapedia's evolution article as "Evolution"[edit]

As can be gleaned from this link.


  1. Scienceblogs - Stranger fruit
  2. The amazing Retecool (Little hard to find the reference, but as a link in the sidebar entitled "Now with O HAI photograph of Hitler." translated from the Dutch.)
  3. Not quite a reputable journal of opinion
  4. The agitator (More on your wonderful picture of Hitler)
  5. Right-thinking from the left coast (Yet more on Hitler, I think you screwed up.)
  6. - Worst. Encylopedia. Ever. (Didn't even need to read this one to tell which column it went in.)
  7. Tamar's friendfeed (More on Hitler. You fucking idiot.)
  8. (Yep, they aren't impressed.)
  9. Dioblog
  10. Reddit user Slythfox (Moar Hitler.)
  11. New Scientist (Laughing at L'affaire Lenski.)
  12. The atavism blog
  13. Lutao's friendfeed (Hesitated to include this, more Hitler)
  14. Shortpacked's livejournal
  15. Waterloo Birdhaus blog
  16. Hanlon's Razor blog (Quote: "Conservapedia is the dumbest thing I've ever seen")
  17. Erik Emery Hanberg's blog
  18. Sir Grok's reddit
  19. I Affirm and Aver the Following is Poo
  20. The Limericker




And there you have it Kenny my lad. Nobody is linking to your pathetic article for the purposes of praising it, or even for the purpose of citing it as a source of information. As far as Google can determine, the only people who are linking to it are those who are taking the piss out of Conservapedia and by inference, you.

I'd do a similar thing for your homosexuality and gay bowel syndrome articles, but the results would likely be even more embarrassing. Face it Ken, you're an idiot and liability even to the nest of idiocy that is Conservapaedia. Go fuck yourself.