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Just gonna put some text here so the link to here won't be red. I really hate the color red, especially when it's actually green. Yeah, I'm colorblind.

Also, this: Come sexual on me, baby.jpg

Mah WIGOs:

216User: What's that you say, Andy? May broke all records for number of unique viewers? How many were there?img Conservative smells a liberal and tries to confuse the enemy with his trademark brand of ... oh look a squirrel.img Other User: What da fuck?img Andy: Since the Constitution doesn't say we have to provide these statistics, we don't have to.img Karajou puts an end to the foolishness: Here's what you asked for.img It literally took me only 45 seconds to find.img Nice work. Still no number of unique viewers after 3 admins chimed in to deflect, dissemble, and bully.
105Bin Laden is dead! In other news: Rob takes fourimg wholeimg editsimg to communicate a three-word statement.img Update: He takes anotherimg threeimg editsimg to communicate utter bullshit.
59 Apparently 35% of public schools are overweight!img Naïve user: This makes no sense.img Andy: You are wrong; allow me to not really explain why.img
35According to Andy, racial tolerance and diversity are liberal conceptsimg... actually, that makes a lotimg of sense.
30Some silly liberal thinks iPads are killing jobs!img Haha, surely we conservatives are aboveimg makingimg suchimg arbitraryimg connections.img
-11Andy supports churches as having rights, "too."img Does he not see the extreme hypocrisy in demanding even more rights for one church even though under current law it isn't even being forced to support gay marriage, while he supports homosexuals being deprived of a most basic right? What makes him think that an institution that spreads such ignorance toward homosexuality deserves any rights? Is this guy a parodist or really that stupid?