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User:Kels/TK email

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This is an email received from TK on January 14, 2010, apparently in response to my objections regarding Human unilaterally giving him sysop rights, then complaining about others "whining".


How about instead of offering your usual character assassination, Kels, you offer hard, legitimate proof of any action I have ever taken that harmed anyone, aside from blocking on CP? Unlike a few people here, who supposedly are guided by "Community Standards", I have never outed anyone's real name, home address, family members or the like. I have never, not once, called anyone's work, except for PAL, who invited me to, after he had talked to Ed Poor, years ago. So put up, or stop with your hate talk. You don't like me, thats fine, your right, but you don't have a right to keep up with your policy of personal destruction...its just plain hate-mongering.

If we lived in the U.K., they would lock you up.


Copies sent to various RW sysops and crats.