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I'm KurtOfCambridge. I write about video games, films, television and other pop-media across the Interwebs (fine, the Internet, I'm not hip enough to say "Interwebs" unironically). I also studied English Literature for a time, I fixate on colourful robots and Lovecraftian-inspired cosmic horror more than is necessarily healthy, and I maintain that Saints Row IV is an utterly delightful masterpiece.

Oh, and I'm Canadian in case the adding of a "U" to "colorful" was not a clear enough tell. No, I do not live in the snow. No, I do not *only* eat maple syrup and poutine. Yes, Trudeau is a dreamboat and we all dream of being held in that beautiful, beautiful man's arms.

KurtOfCambridge (talk) 16:48, 9 June 2018 (UTC)