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My background[edit]

My original "backstory" was much too long, so I have decided to shorten it. I was a former conservative and fundamentalist, until I began to take increasingly liberal positions on environmental issues. I always wanted to research every issue possible, and I began to find things that conflicted with what I formerly believed. I was becoming convinced that it may be possible that the Bible did not condemn LGBT people, and I also began to see that the pro-life movement was not what it seemed (Some of those people really do care about their cause, while others have disturbingly radical ideas.) I slowly became a member of the progressive movement, and I believe that it is much superior to the conservatism that I left. I have decided to explain my political, religious, and social beliefs below:

Religion: Christianity (Old Earth Creationism, or Theistic Evolution, because YEC has too many holes and unproven assertions.)

Stance on social issues: against the death penalty, for stem cell research, pro choice (although I still believe in some cases where abortion is philosophically unethical, as in India's girl abortion problem) in favor of marriage rights being extended to all. (except polygamists, of course.)

Economic beliefs: Universal health care, greater government oversight of corporations and Wall Street.

Gun Control Beliefs: Strongly in favor of; the Second Amendment is not quite relevant in today's time.........

Environmentalist Beliefs: I am what some people here might call a "woo peddler"; I am suspicious of the food industry and GMOs, while I am also in favor of that un-American alternative energy being used (once the technologies are improved) more than oil. (Of course, I believe in global warming being human caused as well.)

Stance on the culture war: I believe that much of what some evangelical fundamentalists say about society becoming "secularist and sinful" is untrue. They are truly attempting to politicize and commercialize religion while, ironically, blasting society for its sinfulness! Most religion quizzes peg me as a UU or a Humanist with Christian tendencies. I am perfectly comfortable with both, because mainstream evangelicals and some fundamentalist Catholics disturb me.......(especially the latter!)

Lefty by name, but not in reality
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