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Hi, my real name is Josh my user name is a mix of two of my favorite things, (star trek and the Beatles) I've been enjoying this website for sometime and after feeling guilty for enjoying it for so long without lending a hand i finally figured I'd get into the loop and see where i can lend my hand, I'm not much of what anyone would call an expert at any particular subject (except maybe music) but I have a useful for jeopardy or trivial pursuit kind if knowledge and am willing to do some research on whatever subject is needed, and i just hope i can add a useful voice to an already great website.

Im looking to get started soon so feel free to let me know what i can do around here, I'm not sure where to start so if there's any long standing need for editing or page creation,I'm willing to work on any subject just let me know what I can do LennonKrik (talk) 16:08, 2 July 2013 (UTC)