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Hi all!

I came to CP to read the silliest possible articles - as the great majority of people, I suppose. But then pity took me and I started improving the site. One of my first contributions was removing an obvious vandalism. Could any YEC take the following seriously (from Koala):


Koalas are correctly said to be indigenous to the Middle East, as are all terrestrial animals. Australia became their adopted home to which koalas journeyed after the original two were released from Noah's Ark at the conclusion of the Great Flood. Most creationists believe that these ancient Koalas were considerably hardier, faster, and far less fastidious in their diet than their modern descendants, which have degenerated into sleepy, gum-leaf chewing opiate addicts as a result of human sinfulness. The virile, proactive Koala of Biblical times would have been far better endowed physically and emotionally to undertake the epic journey across the world from Mt Ararat to Australia. As original Australian fauna consist almost entirely of marsupials, it is likely that bands of marsupials undertook this journey together. Indeed, the Koala may have been carried by the Kangaroos in their pouches, along with other small marsupials for much of this time."

But the funniest thing was still to come: a Sysop - who I believe is 'real', not a vandal - reverted my deletion. He then commented on my talk page:


What do you mean by that statement about "vandalism"? What you call vandalism is a quite reasonable statement, according to young earth creationism, about how koalas came to be in Australia. The Sysops know how to recognize vandalism when they see it--and this was not it."

From that day on I decided to stay at CP as an editor, in a win-win situation: CP would gain from my humble contributions and I would be rewarded not only with funny articles, but with funny comments on talk pages as well.

Modified by Leopeo 07:06, 24 May 2007 (CDT)

Classical music

Who are/were the best pianists? Let's see: famous recordings of Robert Schumann's works were made by Glenn Gould, Lang Lang and... Arlene Cole. The article on piano introduces us to modern musicians (Elton John, etc) and classical pianists: Horowitz, Rubinstein, Gould and... Arlene Cole. If you don't know this famous pianist yet, visit her page here. Leopeo 03:28, 25 May 2007 (CDT)