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Well Hey!

I'm Lori, celeb, singer, actor, movie star, world traveler, award winning author, super star, super model, super hero, Ms. Galaxy, and voted most humble person ever.

Okay, not quite. But ya never know, maybe one day!

About me... but not in book style... I was born in So.Cal. in the summer of 1970.

I have one sister who is three years older than me.

Just before the age of ten my parents sold our house and we moved aboard a sail boat called the Moon Shadow. We lived aboard her for nine years and lived in various ports along the coast of southern California including Catalina Island.

We were a very Christian family. My mom wanted to be a missionary so she raised my sister and I with that idea in mind.

At nineteen we ended up in a Christian cult. Over time I lost all say and freedom over my life.

In 2005 after my youngest and fourth child was born the kids and I joined my husband who was stationed in Hawaii.

About a year later something happened that caused me to wake up. I woke up not just to the fact that I was in a cult and the leader was a fraud, but I also became aware that everything I ever learned was either a lie or mixed with a lie.

Around this time I found out that two of my kids had Autism. I have no doubt that my husband did as well but that wasn't something he cared to learn about.

Also at this time I somehow became Mrs. Hawaii International 2008.

And another also, it became clear that my husband and I were not compatible, so we started the divorce process. The divorce was finalized in 2010.

After all this I set out to find out who I actually was without anyone's input. I spent a few years as a Wiccan/Pagan and than agnostic. I'm currently what I call a science based atheist which I've been for a few years now.

I started an atheist/skeptics/freethinkers/agnostic group in Central Wisconsin called CWAS so folks who have lost their community due to letting go of their religion can find one with us, and for those that want to have folks who are like minded to talk freely with.

There is so much more to my story and there will be more added as life goes on. But this is at least an idea of where I come from. I have blogged a lot but not so much recently. I've kind of made up for it in Instagram pics. But I'm aiming to get back to it. I'd love to be published one day.