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Elections have consequences.

After a tough campaign whose primary focus was the future of the Moderati, the people spoke with a resoundingly unified voice and endorsed the programme for revolutionary change. It is, as follows:

  • Abolition of the Moderati
  • Freedom of Speech
  • No political bans
  • No show trials
  • Restoration of the mobocracy
  • Complete political liberty

How do we pursue these aims? The regime currently control all of the major institutions of power. My election alone has changed little. We require group co-operation in order to bring down this dismal institution. This is why I have created this document, which is to be amended by the members of Rationalwiki in order to promote the common good.

Let us not forget that for two years, I was persecuted and hounded from this website for my political beliefs. After a brief and laughable show trial, which exposed Rationalwiki's authoritarian slide, I was banned. Having sought political asylum on Human's talk page, they went on to ban 'asylum' - an ancient privilege of Rationalwikians to allow whatever they deem fit to be published on their userspace. Note that the ban had nothing to do with my mainspace contributions. This was merely a ruling elite trying to establish itself, and in the process remove an irritating thorn in their side. Ultimately they failed, and a certain amount of liberty was entertained once again. This was Rationalwiki's 'Perestroika/Glasnost' moment. The ayatollah allowed me to return and run for election, but even he must be dismayed by my elevation to the highest office. I interpret this as a mandate to abolish the Moderati. Like the Soviet Union has shown the world, you cannot merely unravel the outer layer of authoritarianism - once you begin, the entire structure will -MUST- fall apart.

The Roadmap for Revolutionary Change

  • A vote to abolish the moderati
  • Installation of MarcusCicero as temporary President of the wiki
  • Restoration of the mobocracy as soon as is possible

The Moderati (Ranked according to political disposition)

  • AD (Ultra-Fascist)
  • David Gerard (Ultra-Fascist)
  • Mikal (Fascist - Aspie)
  • PowderSmokeAndLeather (Moderate)
  • Genghis Khant (Moderate)
  • Sophie Wilder (Moderate)
  • MarcusCicero (Revolutionary Mobocrat Restorator)