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Hello! I am MedicalCyanide and I registered as a user on June 6th, 2014. As I am writing this I am very new to the site and very excited to take part in it. Of course a fair amount of lurk time is in order, so I won't be making any major edits (mostly just grammar/spelling stuff if I can get there first. You people are very picky about English [and I love that.])

So. Um. Interests I guess?[edit]

I play the violin, I'm a bibliophile (like do nothing but roam Barne's and Noble's for an hour bibliophile,) I experiment with writing prose, I am mildly engrossed in anime, I plan on going into the sciences, and I enjoy gaming. Oh yeah I'm also learning Italian, because of a planned trip to Rome in October of 2014. I plan on being my family's translator and stuff. Yay me!

Bio maybe?[edit]

Born and raised in Tennessee, lived here all my life, was an absolute lonely wuss for a solid portion of my life but I've gotten myself together (at least in my opinion) over the years. Solid A to B+ student with a GPA of 3.8something last time I checked. Originally I wanted to be a writer, then a programmer, and now I'm more geared towards either biochemistry or physics or whatever I find most enjoyable/productive for humanity.

Music! How could I forget music![edit]

Love electronica in general (besides trap). Anything like melodic dubstep, some liquid dubstep, chillstep mixes, ambient mixes, that's my main course yo. I am also a big fan of Coldplay and alt rock in general, as well as indie, which I would be more into if my local indie station wasn't so shitty where I live. Like by god it's bad. Metal? Meh. Rock? Depends. Screamo? No. Punk? Depends, can be ÜBER YES though.

Favorite books because why not?[edit]

  • Reading Game of Thrones as I'm typing this. Loving it. Half way through. Gonna go through the whole series.
  • Harry Potter of course.
  • The Fault in Our Stars was okay I guess. I'm not a chick so I wasn't as emotionally affected by it. It did make me think, though.
  • Anything by Ted Dekker is good.
  • If it counts for anything I've read a giant portion of Homestuck, but stopped because I finally got caught up and I just didn't have the motivation to continue. It was a good webcomic and I regret nothing.
  • The Great Gastby was good.
  • Chronicles of Narnia was my childhood.
  • Inheritance Cycle reigned as my #1 series for the longest time.
  • I can't think of anything else so the list stops here.

Beliefs and stuff?[edit]

Former Christian. Closet atheist at the moment. (Shhhh! They'll hear me typing blasphemy!) But seriously I am a closet atheist. The only thing keeping me from telling so far is my girlfriend, who I have asked and has made it clear that if I were to turn atheist she would break up with me. And while I do not agree with her decision, I respect it. coughcough even if her dad is a Teabagger coughcough Politically I'm not quite able to make a statement because I'm not very familiar with the field. However this site and some other research of my own should help allay that in the near future.

There you have it. Something to change my nameplate from red to somethingotherthanred. Hooray! Thanks for reading if you did read. If not, thank you for glancing at this wall of text and thinking "bruh fuq dat" Cheers! MedicalCyanide (talk) 02:38, 7 June 2014 (UTC)