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Green, mostly. I did not get lost on this map, which is good going. For that I awarded myself a small medal, although the ceremony was quite rushed because of all the monsters throwing things at me. It all went quite well until...

MAP - I summon demonic spiders
MEI - ;_______;

There was a huge outdoor canyon thing, which wasn't really used for anything except being a canyon.

MAP - Look, green canyons!
MEI - Why are the canyons green, map?
MAP - Look, demonic spiders!
MEI - ;__________;

I heroically ran past everything. I executed a flawless 'spin wildly through room and bounce off corners' maneuver before exiting.


I didn't get lost in this map either. It was red mostly, if you were wondering.

MAP - Look, red canyons!
MEI - Why are the canyons red, map?
MAP - Have some more spiders!

(These were different spiders)

Some time passes...
MEI - I think I have enough spiders now.
MAP - No wait, there's more!
((more spiders))

The end is hard just because it's so long. There is a big room of spiders which you cannot run past (got my number) and which you have to kill to get out. But...

  1. There are hundreds of them
  2. They get stuck in their room

The room is shaped sort of squarely, except with extra bits designed for things to get stuck in accidentally. Because they get stuck you basically have to go in every few minutes and escort them out. I'm no longer a soldier, I'm more like a social worker for demonic spiders. I didn't even kill them in the end, I just took them over to an empty corner of the map and left them there. Then I went back to their home and stole their end-of-map thing.

MEI - I've stolen your end-of-map thing!
SPIDERS - Why did we follow blindly to this misfortune.

In theory they can run faster than me, but in practice they don't really know where they want to go. I think they might be lost.

MAP - You missed some of the spiders.


I did get lost on this map. It looks sort of like a kitchen.

MAP - Did you notice how there are no spiders at the start.
MEI - Yes!
MAP - Instead there is a tiny invisible switch you must find.
MEI - ;___________;

I did find the switch. Before finding the switch I got lost in the first room. Which is a box. Escaping the square kitchen leads to a squiggly kitchen.

MAP - This is where I keep my spiders.

I died here lots of times. I put it down to a combination of spiders and being lost. If there is a world record for number of times lost in this map, I think I will enter.

--23:57, 23 January 2010 (UTC)

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