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Symptoms of Mei Volume VIII
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Wow this daily update thing can be kinda harsh. Why did I only start thinking about today's update just before I started getting tired and sleepy? That is not how to run a Log promptly or on time. Clearly I need to rethink the way I am approaching this.

I was totally planning to make all my posts really long and at least fairly interesting, but fate was against me. ;___________; Not every post can be long or interesting, and I guess this has to be one of the short boring ones. Even though it is sad.

OK here goes.


I have small mysterious cuts on the inside of my palms.

Now here's Proton Jon [1]


(It's not all bad. That's a pretty cool video, and I'm writing tomorrow's update right now. See? Everything is under control, or sort of.)

--23:02, 27 March 2010 (UTC)

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