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Interesting quotes about God
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He is known to have wheels, you know.
Ridiculous. There is no evidence against apple pie, or the bible.
The calendar is set to Jesus.
Why can we throw a Buzz Lightyear doll out the window on the second floor, and it takes a few moments to hit the ground? That is the sort of thing science can predict. However, ask the doll to fly to Infinity, and beyond, and see what they can't do!! The so called science hucksters and charlatans make claims about infinity and beyond, but are talking out their nose.
I don't need to think.
Oh, no. That is a canard. Cars and etc have nothing to do with the creation state. Did you drive Adam out of Eden!!??
I find it interesting that God hovered over the seas in creation week. One would assume He did what He does in other parts of the book. That is, that He had a vehicle. A ship, if you will. One that pre dates our entire universe! Now that's a ship!
The life of a rock, (or half life if you prefer) means that in so much time that rock or material would cease to exist. Elementary.
That is wheat you must face.
Thanks for the accusatory drivel. There is a God. And far be it from me to see how pointing out that godless fables that oppose His word are a croc, sends anyone to hell??? Strange claims. Talk about never supporting your claims!!?
Interesting. So you think you have pilllow lava formed in some other universe state!!?? Where is it!? Like to have a looksee at that!.
Intelligence has nothing to do with the patient and kindness required to reply to empty blab. God's word was the pearl in the original! Your attempt to try to make something else swine, or pearls is meaningless.
So, what, the cow that moos against the bible is the good one now? You may be braying in the wind there.

Everything seems to be in order here.

--00:16, 31 March 2010 (UTC) </div>

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