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Welcome. I'm your host Andy Schlafly. I'm gonna ask you 15 questions to have your knowledge tested. They increase in difficulty as you go on, so beware! I ain't gonna give you no lifelines cause lifelines are for liberals. I hates proper grammar as in my previous tests, so heres we go!


What is my name?

A. Andy Schlafly

B. Ed Poor

C. Hulk Hogan

D. Bangers and Mash

A is correct! Moving on.


What is my site's name?

A. Wikipedia

B. Conservapedia

C. RationalWiki

D. Illogicopedia

B is the right answer! Moving on.


What is our political position?

A. American liberalism

B. Australian conservatism

C. American conservatism

D. Right-wing wackoism

D is correct!


What is the best religion EVER?

A. Atheism

B. Paganism

C. Christianity

D. Islam

C is absolutely right! Moving on...


Who is gonna win in 2012?

A. Barack Obama

B. Mike Huckabee

C. Hillary Clinton

D. Sarah Palin

Wonderful, D! Now they're gonna get a little harder...


The Tea Party is...

A. Fricking awesome

B. 1,000% better than the GOP

C. The bestest

D. All of the above

D is absolutely, positively right!


Libertarians can best be described as...

A. Wimpy anarchists

B. Lunatics

C. Ugly

D. All of the above

Again, D is right!


Which of these men are the greatest who ever walked this Earth?

A. Jesus

B. Karl Marx

C. Ronald Reagan

D. Hillary Clinton

This is a tough one, but C is right!


Which principle calls for the taking of all human liberties?

A. Communism

B. Liberalism

C. Fudge donutism

D. Conservatism

A it is!


9/11 was caused by whom?

A. Al-Qaeda

B. Muslim Extremists

C. Muslims

D. George W. Bush

C is correct! Only dumb people would pick any of the other choices!


Homosexuality is...

A. A choice

B. Perfectly natural

C. Worthy of marriage rights

D. An abomination to God our Lord and our bodies. Godspeed!

D is right! Let's go on...


Ban powers are...

A. Useful for banning non far-right users

B. Good, clean fun

C. Only for conservative nutjobs

D. All of the above



Public school is...

A. Government cheese

B. A place of immmorality, piercings and crap like that

C. A place where teenagers date, get each other pregnant and defy Jesus and Reagan

D. All of the above



Global warming is...

A. Science

B. Caused by man

C. Going to happen

D. A lie invented by liberals



What color is grass?

A. Green

B. Brown

C. Gray

D. Stupid

C IS CORRECT! CP loves to defy science. Photosynthesis is a huge joke, you know?

Now that you're a millionaire, here's your check. Come on, take it. No, will, I'll donate it to the RNC so Michael Steele can have a little fun. You played this game for nothing, I guess. Aschlafly signing off, Godspeed!