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Hi. I'm not so good at snark. If my edits seem too serious, please see if you can make them more humorous.

Habits of mine that you might want to know[edit]

  • Often I'll have rants on the Saloon bar about whatever political issue comes to mind. Feel free to ignore them, half the time I'm just venting my opinions.
  • Generally my realm of editing will be politics; occasionally I will edit something religion-related, conspiracy-related, or New Age-related.
  • Often my edits will be minor tweaks, but have an edit summary with a partial rant about my personal views. Though I had some conflicts in the past (and indeed, sometimes nowdays as well), I'll try to separate my personal views from my mainspace edits, mainly focusing on clarifying points I feel are vague or adding in relevant information.
  • I hate Ron Paul with a burning passion. I'm trying to cool down my rants on this matter, but please try not to bait me. This is for your good as much as mine. Just look through this history to see how elaborate my rants can become. I once even tried to get Ron Paul supporters to come here so I could troll them.
  • Topics that I consider myself moderate on compared to many fellow RationalWikians include Men's Rights and Afghanistan War. Outside of this I am generally pretty liberal.
  • As stated, I'm bad at snark, so I might mistake a snarky edit for a serious viewpoint.
  • I can sometimes have a bad temper.

Political views[edit]

Now that we've set out those things, let's get started! If I remember correctly, Political Compass rated me something like (-8,-1), making me a progressive with libertarian leanings.

  • I am socially liberal. As an atheist, I have little tolerance for people bringing religion into public law; you cannot have freedom of religion without freedom from religion. I am strongly in favor of gay rights, women's rights, and other minority rights. I have expressed some sympathies towards the Men's Rights Movement, which has resulted in my opposition with some branches of radical feminism. Despite this, I want to make it clear that I am strongly for gender equality for both sides, and I favor affirmative action in areas of work where there is a deficiency of one gender or the other. At one point I was more moderate on the death penalty and gun control, but rethinking has made me oppose the former and support the latter. I am for the legalization of marijuana, but still deciding on "harder drugs" like Heroin, Cocaine, and Meth.
  • I am an economic populist. The "free market" is not infallible and is subject to regulations for the sake of public interest. I am a supporter of social programs like Medicare and Social Security, and favor a Universal Health Care system. Taxes for the rich are far too low, but I would favor higher deficits in the short term in order to fix the economy.
  • I supported the initial invasion of Afghanistan, as that was in retaliation. However, it was handled badly afterwards, and I think we should be pulling out soon. Other wars, such as Iraq, were unfounded. The Libya conflict was an example of an ideal war, where the US clearly stayed in a supporting role. I would favor similar actions in areas of unrest such as Syria and Yemen. As a superpower, we have a responsibility towards the world as a whole, and while foreign aid could be cut in some areas, I do not favor massive reductions.