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User:Noah Snark

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Userboxen to create on real computer when bored not busy:

  • is an apatheist
  • does not inhale
  • always RTFM
  • speaks and respects several dialects of English when editing
  • owns five style books (but is not yet fluent in Turabian DON'T JUDGE ME OK?)
  • will probably make more spelling and syntax edits than anything
  • maintains lab notebooks in a possibly obsessive state of organization
  • is Slayer of Word Salads, Inflictor of Pain Puns Alliteration

Long time lurker, finally wanted access to more tools, may now possibly be of use (most likely inadvertently) to someone (not necessarily here). Noah Snark (talk) 20:22, 9 January 2016 (UTC)