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Liberals deny claims that they hate Christianity and love Islam, saying they believe religions should be treated equally. So, why do they always defend Islam and attack Christianity?

Liberals say conservatives are like Hitler, yet they promote abortion, gun control, vegetarianism, environmentalism, socialism, nudism and sexual perversion just like Hitler.

Liberals deny claims that they love criminals, saying that they simply think everyone deserves "human rights". So why do they never stand up for the victims of crime?

Liberals say there is no right and wrong, good and evil, and that people just invent their own morality. So why do they think that Bush, war and corporations are "evil" and welfare leeches are "good"? Why do they play the moral card to justice their pacifist and socialist nonsense?

Liberals defend mocking Christ and burning the US flag, saying they think that all speech should be free, even it is offensive. So why do they want to criminalize burning the Koran?

Liberals say they want peace. So why are liberal rallies so violent? Why do they support using violent force against the police?

Liberals say they are concerned about the abuse of women. So why do they consider pornography "free speech"/

Liberals claim that using government to teach sodomites, drug-using scum and fornicators a Godly lesson is a violation of freedom. So why do they support government intrusion in every other case?

Liberals claim that we all evolved from apes, and anyone who disagrees is a bigoted fundamenralist. So why do they whine when niggers are compared to apes?