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No, Ken, prion disease is NOT caused or influenced by religion!


Former Conservapedia editor. Used to be a far-right Trump supporter, but 1/6 and my CP ban took me back to reality. I’m now a leftist, although I still strongly disagree with Biden’s presidency. Anti-theist and proud of it.

The Left is plagued by socialism/communism, tankies/alt-left, American neoliberalism, pedophiles, censorship of anything that disagrees, and Antifa/BLM thugs.

The Right is plagued by fascists, neo-Nazis, Zionist backers, alt-right types, Christianity, global warming denialism, nonrenewable energy shills, and much much more garbage.

Take your pick.

History of political results: 10/8/20: 3.56,6.1

11/10/20: 3.4,4.5

1/6/21: 1.38,2.15

2/1/21: -3.0,0.25

2/19/21: -4.13,-2.41

67% Unitary, 54% Authority, 71% Isolationist, 63% Militarist, 68% security, 72% markets, 97% secular, 81% progressive, and 60% assimilationist.

Interests: Prion disease, ionizing radiation, chess, video games, and plants.

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