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I have been stalking you guys (and gals) for well over a year now....

I couldn't edit a Wiki to save my life, but I owe all of you a great big THANK YOU for all of the laughs!

It's nice to see that among all of the scary stuff floating around out there, there's still people who enjoy debate, and the long lost art of thinking.

Oh, and sarcasm. Love the Sarcasm.

Sightblinder 02:07, 3 February 2009 (EST)

Me Study Help Files Good![edit]

I think I can actually participate in discussions now... possibly without making myself look like a babling idiot.

Next up: Learn how to use the Essay namespace, and learn how to put user boxes here.... if anyone has any suggestions, hit me!

User boxes are go.


Let's see....

Brand new to Wiki (not just this one.. ANY wiki).. Check!
Not quite sure how to edit? Check.
Hasn't written an essay yet because he can't figure out how to get to the namespace? Check.
Understands what "1337" is only because one of his younger employees kindly took pity on his old ass? Check.
Was lurking for a month before he realized that most people here actually know how to spell "the"..... check.

Yep. Fully qualified. Just like Britney Spears is a qualified parent, and R. Kelly is a good babysitter.